Monday, January 28, 2013

January 2013 PopSugar Must Have Review

After the PopSugar Luxury debacle of 2012 I noticed that my PopSugar box for this month was among the first wave of shipments. I was following along in the Makeup Talk forums and realized that I received my shipping notification at the same time as the east coast gals and before the west coast gals. Previously, for whatever reason my box was always shipped with the west coast boxes even though I live just as far from the shipping origin as the east coast subscribers.

What is PopSugar? It's a monthly subscription program that sends you an exciting monthly box, full of fun, hand-selected items from our editors. Each box will include a variety of full-size products worth over $100 (based on manufacturer's MSRP).

Anyhow, my box shipped on 1/14 and I received it on 1/26; that’s pretty much the norm for shipping times. Funny thing is that my Birchbox shipped AFTER my PopSugar box but I still have yet to receive it.

On to the goods! The theme for this month was “getting a fresh start on that fitness resolution while still finding time to indulge in some warm treats.” I anticipated that the January box would include some fitness items and I am not big on fitness…at all. I however, do enjoy me some warm treats. J

Must Have Fitness: Stott Pilates Stability Ball ($20). Like I said, I’m not big on fitness so this item wasn’t that appealing to me. I’ve heard that people use these at their desk but I prefer my regular ‘ol office chair. I’ll probably end up giving this away.

Must Have Fashion: Remix Time Bomb Watch ($44.95). I couldn’t find this exact watch online as the was a PopSugar exclusive edition but the similar watch was going for $44.95 on the Remix website. PB thinks this watch is cheap looking and looks like one of those knock offs you get at Sears for $9.99. I don’t entirely disagree and am still on the fence about it. I was hoping for white or black and luckily I got white so I was happy about that.

Must Have Food: Popbar Hot Chocolate on a Stick in Milk and Dark Chocolate ($2.99 each). I haven’t had a chance to try these yet but they look really good and rich. I’m definitely looking forward to trying these along with…

Jet-Puffed Mallow Bits (about $2). I was looking for the price of these online in Google Shopping and the results were coming back for “used” products. Eew…who would want these used?!?!

Must Have Beauty: Epicuren Lip Balm ($9). This is the same brand of lotion that was in the Luxury box. I haven’t really been using the lotion (only tried I a couple of times) but the smell was divine. I’ve heard that this lip balm has a medicinal smell but if it works I’m down!

Extras: $15 off Casetagram Promo Code. I was actually excited that this was included, especially since I have an iPhone and could actually take advantage of this offer unlike some other subscribers with different phones. There was this really cute set that had 2 iPhone cases that when put together, formed a heart with the pictures. I wanted to get these for PB and me but you can only get them in the same iPhone generation (unfortunately PB has an iPhone 5 and I am stuck on iPhone 4).

Think Thin Bars (about $2 each). I haven’t tried these yet either but they look pretty good and would make a good snack after work/before class.

Total value of this box was $87.93 (not including the Casetagram code since you have to purchase to use it). Not bad for the $35 price tag (plus I got this month for free due to the shipping issues on my Luxury box). PopSugar is by far my favorite subscription box due to the variety and the fact that they give full size products.

Are you interested in signing up for PopSugar? Use the code REFERFRIENDS and take $5 off your first month!

Disclosure: This subscription box was paid for with my own money and all opinions are 100% my own. Referral links are included in this post.

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