Saturday, January 26, 2013

How to Make Vietnamese Summer Rolls

PB is working late tonight so dinner is on my own. I bought one of these Vietnamese Summer Roll kits from a Food and New Products Show a couple months back and never got around to making it. This kit is pretty neat because it comes with everything (minus the fresh ingredients) to make summer rolls at home. Be forewarned – I’m not Vietnamese, nor do I claim to have any expert knowledge on Vietnamese cuisine. This is just my take on this Vietnamese dish.


I purchased the thai basil and mint from the open market across the street from my workplace. Everything else was purchased at the supermarket. My favorite ingredients to add are tofu and shrimp, though I’ve seen variations with chicken, carrots, lettuce, cucumber, you name it!


The rice paper wrappers need to be softened with some luke warm water for just a few seconds. Don’t soak them too long otherwise they’ll become too soft and rip when trying to roll your wrap.


Layer the ingredients on one side of the wrap. Fold both sides in and roll like a burrito. There’s really no science to making these summer rolls…just add whatever ingredients you like.

The kit I purchased came with a sauce however I prefer to eat my summer rolls with peanut sauce. I found this recipe online and I can’t remember where I found it otherwise I would give the proper credit.

Peanut Sauce:
½ Cup peanut butter
½ Cup hoisin sauce
1 Tbsp. sesame oil
1 Tbsp. soy sauce
¼ Cup water

If you're not going to eat your summer rolls right away, make sure to cover with a damp paper towel or dish cloth otherwise the rice paper wraps will dry out and get hard. I made sure to save some for PB when he comes home.  Note: PB doesn't like thai basil or mint which is why his is very lacking in color.

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