Friday, January 25, 2013

Catfish on MTV

Do any of you watch the new MTV show Catfish? I’ve been keeping up to date with most of the episodes (usually catching it on one of MTV’s 872 repeats as the show comes on at 10, ends at 11, and passes my bed time J). Sometimes I wonder just how “real” this reality TV show is.

Warning: The rest of this post contains spoilers regarding Catfish the movie and certain episodes. Stop reading now if you want to watch it on your own.

We borrowed the documentary via Netflix – it follows the story of Nev and his own Catfish experience thinking he was talking to Megan when he was really talking to Angela. As per usual, I wiki’d* the documentary after watching it and there were some questions raised about the documentary itself being a true story and not a work of fiction.

I honestly think the documentary is real. Y’all – that lady Angela was CRAY. She created multiple fake Facebook profiles to keep the con alive and even lied about having cancer. The weirdest part was when Nev was at her house and he asked her to talk to him as “Megan.” Furthermore, even after Nev confronted Angela regarding the hoax, she continued to lie about Megan being away for alcoholism. You cannot make this level of crazy up.

I question the validity of the show because I don’t believe that people can be that na├»ve (that’s putting it nicely, I actually wanted to say stupid). Take Sunny  for instance – she was talking to “Jameson” who turns out to be a girl catfishi-ing her. Jameson told Sunny he is taking online classes for anesthesiology. Umm…hello? Red flag?!? Sunny was studying to be a NURSE!

Or the episode with Tyler talking to “Amanda Miller” who turns out to be a guy. She couldn’t talk to you because she doesn’t have a phone? Wtf…I see homeless guys downtown carrying around cell phones.

To top it off, the news has been blowing up with the Manti Te’o scandal. From what I’ve read so far (I have yet to watch the Katie Couric interview…does anyone know how I can watch it online?) I think he was really duped. I think people forget just how young he is (21) and that he is liable to make mistakes. I know I made a few mistakes in my days as a 21 year old.

Anyhow, do you watch Catfish? What do you think about the “reality” of this reality TV show? Am I just being too harsh on these kids?

*Yes, I realize that Wikipedia is not the best source for valid, proven information but it is my go to site for finding out more about movies.

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