Monday, November 19, 2012

To Spoil or Not Spoil?

As a subscriber of multiple subscription box services, I’m always faced with the dilemma of whether or not I should look for spoilers. Here’s a few of the issues I face:
1.     I live in Hawaii. Shipping takes forever since distribution is always from the continental U.S. For example, even though my Birchbox is always one of the first to ship (which I think they do intentionally since I live so far away) I am always one of the last ones to receive it. The wait kills me (dramatic much?) especially since I know everyone else already received theirs, thus upping the ante on the spoiler factor.
2.     The blogs I regularly read post reviews of their subscription boxes. Bloggers regularly post reviews of their boxes. For boxes like PopSugar this is an issue for me since all the boxes are the same. For Birchbox, not so much since there are so many different box combinations. (This is another issue for a later post.) If I wanted to avoid spoilers, I would also need to avoid these blogs until I receive my box.
3.     The users I follow on Instagram post pictures of their subscription boxes. See: #2.
4.     I am an impatient person. Bottom line: I’m impatient and have no sense of control when it comes to spoilers. As soon as I find out via a MakeupTalk post or Google search that someone received their box and spoilers are available, I find some way to justify why I should look.

I think for now I've come to the conclusion that I will continue to check for spoilers since they are so unavoidable. I'm most looking forward to the PopSugar Must Have Luxury edition box. I can't wait for spoilers on that one!

If you subscribe to subscription boxes do you look at spoilers? If you don't are there any subscription boxes you are interested in?
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